1.7 Release Process


Its been over 6 months since the last LLVM release, and there have been a huge number of improvements in LLVM CVS. Chris asked me to fill the role of release manager, and would like to get the release out the door in the next couple weeks.

The target release date for 1.7 is April 20th. We would appreciate help from anyone who is available. The process will be as follows:

1) All platform maintainers should review the nightly tester results. Please XFAIL any dejagnu tests that are currently failing, fix any warnings, and review the results of the full llvm test suite. If a test failure is determined to be something that needs to be fixed before the release, please fix it or file a bugzilla bug, and set the target to 1.7. This work should be completed by April 12th. Please email the list once you have finished.

2) CVS will be tagged on April 12th, and the prerelease tarballs will be placed online to be used for testing. I will send email once they are available.

3) All testing needs to be completed by April 18th. The testing process includes following the steps in the Getting Started Guide to build llvm and llvmgcc, running the regression tests, and the full llvm test suite. You should compare the results to the nightly testers output and report any anomalties. Additionally, if the Getting Started Guide is not clear or missing information, please update it. I will send these details again when I post the announcement regarding downloading the prerelease for testing.

4) All documentation needs to be updated by April 18th. Please review as many of the documents as you can.

5) Chris will send out his release notes/status update for review. This
should be reviewed and finished by April 18th as well.

6) The release will be posted on our website on April 20th and the website will be modified to display the correct release numbers. Additionally, we are looking for volunteers to submit release announcements to various technical news organizations to help spread the word (i.e. osnews, slashdot, etc.) Lastly, if anyone is interested in writing an article highlighting some feature of LLVM 1.7, please let us know.

Tanya Lattner


Will LLVM 1.7 include two versions of the CFE (one from the gcc-3.4
branch, and the other one from the gcc-4.x branch)?

Yes, that's the plan.