1.8 Pre-Release Ready for Testing

I've put the pre-release tar balls here:

I'm asking for help to test this release and to review documentation. If anyone can spare some time to help out, I would really appreciate it. The more people that test, the better this release will be.

Quick Summary of Important Dates:
August 7th - All documentation reviewed and changes checked in.
August 8th - All testing completed.
August 9th - Release

As a reminder, please do not check in any code changes directly into the branch. Email me with a link to the patch and I will merge the changes in (if deemed necessary for the release). At this point, we should only have minor bug fixes merged in. Anything major will require delaying the release.

Please check in any documentation changes to both mainline and the branch by August 7th (6PM PDT). Chris will also be sending out the Release Notes for review in the next few days.

For testing, we would like a mix of people to do x86 and ppc. Please send email to the list if you plan to test, what architecture, and if you will use the llvm-gcc binary or compile it yourself. That way, I know who to expect results from.

Here are some basic testing guidelines.

1) Build and install llvmgcc, or use the binary.
2) Build llvm. It would be great if some could do objdir != srcdir and vice versa. You could also try doing a make install.
3) Once everything is ready, run make check (report results)
4) If you have time, it would be nice to run the tests in llvm-test.
    Report results or have them directly reported using the new nightly


I will be happy to run x86 / linux test. I will build both llvm-gcc and llvm from source, and do so where objdir != srcdir for both builds. I will try and run all the test suites as well.

Hope this helps,
-Chandler Carruth