[10.0.0 Release] The release branch is open; trunk is now 11.0.0

Hello everyone,

The release branch for LLVM 10 and its sub-projects was created from
trunk at e26a78e70857273c83aaacd4aa0edb36effe70e3, and the trunk
version was bumped to 11.0.0.

Release blockers are tracked by https://llvm.org/PR44555 (hey, nice
number). Please mark any bugs, old or new, that need to be fixed
before the release as blocking that.

Please keep me in the loop on any bugs, commits, or other issues you
think might be relevant for the release. In particular, if you're
currently investigating issues with trunk and working on fixes, please
let me know because we want those fixes on the branch too.

To get a change committed to the branch, first commit it to trunk as
usual, and then request it to be merged -- ideally by filing a blocker
of https://llvm.org/PR44555, or by cc'ing me on the commit email.
(Please don't request merges over IRC/Discord/Discourse; there's a
large risk that I'll miss it.)

When the branch is in good enough shape, hopefully in a day or two,
the first release candidate (RC1) will be tagged and testing of that
can begin. The full schedule can be found under "Upcoming Releases" to
the right at https://llvm.org


Hi Hans,

FYI – https://reviews.llvm.org/D72980

Hi folks,

we also set up some buld jobs to check the release branch:

Right now we’re building for Linux (with clang) and Windows (with Visual Studio). This is an experiment using buildkite.com to trigger the builds and show the results. The builds are executed on the same machines as the pre-merge tests [1]. Builds are triggered for call commits to the release branch.

[1] https://github.com/google/llvm-premerge-checks/