13.0.0-rc4 has been tagged


I've tagged 13.0.0-rc4. Please test and upload binaries. If all goes well, we
will release 13.0.0-final in ~1 week.


Found on second pass of testing.13.0.0-rc4.log.

232300:make[2]: *** [tools/flang/lib/Evaluate/CMakeFiles/obj.FortranEvaluate.dir/build.make:108: tools/flang/lib/Evaluate/CMakeFiles/obj.FortranEvaluate.dir/check-expression.cpp.o] Error 137

grep -n ' Error' testing.13.0.0-rc4.log
153010:make[3]: *** [CMakeFiles/check-all.dir/build.make:77: CMakeFiles/check-all] Error 1
153012:make[2]: *** [CMakeFiles/Makefile2:31045: CMakeFiles/check-all.dir/all] Error 2
153013:make[1]: *** [CMakeFiles/Makefile2:31052: CMakeFiles/check-all.dir/rule] Error 2
153015:make: *** [Makefile:283: check-all] Error 2
232300:make[2]: *** [tools/flang/lib/Evaluate/CMakeFiles/obj.FortranEvaluate.dir/build.make:108: tools/flang/lib/Evaluate/CMakeFiles/obj.FortranEvaluate.dir/check-expression.cpp.o] Error 137
232834:make[1]: *** [CMakeFiles/Makefile2:238587: tools/flang/lib/Evaluate/CMakeFiles/obj.FortranEvaluate.dir/all] Error 2
233271:make: *** [Makefile:171: all] Error 2

grep -n 'Expectedly Failed' testing.13.0.0-rc4.log
153008: Expectedly Failed: 342

Neil Nelson

For 13.0.0 rc4, I have built and tested on both FreeBSD 12 and 13. No
additional patches were needed, as they were merged.

For the 32-builds I used -no-flang, as flang is currently not 32-bit
clean, and I do not expect it will ever be. (Also, these builds consume
a huge amount of RAM, making native compilation likely impossible.)

Main results on amd64-freebsd12:

  Skipped : 3 (rc3: 3)
  Unsupported : 6353 (rc3: 6353)
  Passed : 91830 (rc3: 91823)
  Expectedly Failed : 320 (rc3: 320)
  Failed : 300 (rc3: 300)
  Unexpectedly Passed: 2 (rc3: 2)

Test suite results on amd64-freebsd12:

  Passed: 2419 (rc3: 2419)
  Failed: 3 (rc3: 3)

Main results on amd64-freebsd13:

  Skipped : 3 (rc3: 3)
  Unsupported : 6352 (rc3: 6352)
  Passed : 91794 (rc3: 91789)
  Expectedly Failed : 320 (rc3: 320)
  Failed : 337 (rc3: 338)
  Unexpectedly Passed: 2 (rc3: 2)

Test suite results on amd64-freebsd13:

  Passed: 2419 (rc3: 2419)
  Failed: 3 (rc3: 3)

Main results on i386-freebsd12:

  Skipped : 3 (rc3: 3)
  Unsupported : 4738 (rc3: 4738)
  Passed : 87555 (rc3: 87552)
  Passed With Retry : 1 (rc3: 0)
  Expectedly Failed : 295 (rc3: 295)
  Failed : 198 (rc3: 198)
  Unexpectedly Passed: 1 (rc3: 1)

Main results on i386-freebsd13:

  Skipped : 3 (rc3: 3)
  Unsupported : 4738 (rc3: 4738)
  Passed : 87553 (rc3: 87550)
  Passed With Retry : 1 (rc3: 0)
  Expectedly Failed : 295 (rc3: 295)
  Failed : 200 (rc3: 200)
  Unexpectedly Passed: 1 (rc3: 1)

SHA256 (clang+llvm-13.0.0-rc4-amd64-unknown-freebsd12.tar.xz) = 08f7a008243e69988edc5f9961f01b05d564b0173161d79749e58f88ba51f777
SHA256 (clang+llvm-13.0.0-rc4-amd64-unknown-freebsd13.tar.xz) = fcf85ebe864f45f414955c3b47685004dfc93bc5720ea0dd68b814df35549e8a
SHA256 (clang+llvm-13.0.0-rc4-i386-unknown-freebsd12.tar.xz) = f7bcaa7258e214ed2d3b65d975ccf6393c8455ac84873a4621b050ba3da41108
SHA256 (clang+llvm-13.0.0-rc4-i386-unknown-freebsd13.tar.xz) = 30f3f90ea80068d74f84e17134603b0d4b325d49e46be350800be78cee3e61a4


No regressions here. I've seen some random compiler-rt test fluke once
but not on the second run. Let's release!

Hi Neil,

Thank you for helping with the release, that's much appreciated!

Found on second pass of testing.13.0.0-rc4.log.

232300:make[2]: *** [tools/flang/lib/Evaluate/CMakeFiles/obj.FortranEvaluate.dir/build.make:108: tools/flang/lib/Evaluate/CMakeFiles/obj.FortranEvaluate.dir/check-expression.cpp.o] Error 137

This is out-of-memory error, right? That's most likely due to Flang's rather "unusual" memory requirements. AFAIK, there are no easy ways around it ATM. You could make sure not to use ld.bfd and experiment with LLVM_PARALLEL_LINK_JOBS. I suspect that you have already tried that. Unfortunately, I don't have any better suggestions.


Indeed, for builds on 32-bit systems I used -no-flang, but on others, I limited the number of jobs with test-release.sh's -j option, and added additional RAM and swap to the VMs I was building on.

Specifically, I used -j 3 in combination with ~10G RAM, and 10G swap. That seemed to sufficient.


macOS builds are up:

No regressions from rc3 - but without lldb.

-- Tobias

Windows is ready:

$ sha256sum LLVM-13.0.0-rc4*.exe

build_llvm_1300-rc4.bat|attachment (5.04 KB)


Uploaded armv7 & aarch64 linux, as well as aarch64 windows:
0065ffc133ea9ec3c51e1e3e16962451ac05d5e7682a6c01d15390828fe35df7 clang+llvm-13.0.0-rc4-aarch64-linux-gnu.tar.xz
366316f13b4f1cdf3bf6d5fdc9dd0720b914bba85e135c75d709f7c16cad35a0 clang+llvm-13.0.0-rc4-armv7a-linux-gnueabihf.tar.xz

386427d6d15b8acf3130ecfaa80dfbec3caaf71273e106e11bb5ba998321cf46 LLVM-13.0.0-rc4-woa64.zip

No new issues to report.


Were you able to confirm if the problems at building llvm on MacOS are
a misconfiguration in your machine or a regression?


Hi Tom,

Binaries for PowerPC 8 uploaded; sha1sum of each:
4d43daa8ce624a0a3cbaec7a2f0bb988b2f7a8df clang+llvm-13.0.0-rc4-powerpc64le-linux-ubuntu-18.04.tar.xz

76910db5b5bc8bf1fe8127a51ae4b02de799d243 clang+llvm-13.0.0-rc4-powerpc64le-linux-rhel-7.9.tar.xz


Hello Tom,

I’ve also uploaded 13.0.0 final binaries. SHA1:
44010f4632c6639585505c277fbd9a72700ba952 clang+llvm-13.0.0-powerpc64le-linux-rhel-7.9.tar.xz
f248d0097d0403db6106cb4942b59b309f0cf502 clang+llvm-13.0.0-powerpc64le-linux-ubuntu-18.04.tar.xz


Same here,

-final for macOS uploaded with sha

Still no lldb in this one.

-- Tobias

13.0.0-final for Windows:

$ sha256sum LLVM-13.0.0-win*.exe

build_llvm_1300-final.bat|attachment (5.04 KB)

We are looking good on Debian & Ubuntu

Uploaded final aarch64 & armv7:
968d65d2593850ee9b37fcda074fb7641529bd45d2f976af6c8197de3c22612f clang+llvm-13.0.0-aarch64-linux-gnu.tar.xz
e17aacd843cc7c3c3c27a0d2293af8b3e9ad76408f7c178a92a182f18e7734e5 clang+llvm-13.0.0-armv7a-linux-gnueabihf.tar.xz

Also windows on arm:
06cca441f010c35c9237e4fb51250928058295e64d20c6a6bb164d523dfe954d LLVM-13.0.0-woa64.zip

Sorry about the delay.