2.2 build failure

I am using gcc 3.2.3 on RHEL 3 to build llvm 2.2.
Below are the build errors:

/home/i00171/Work/llvm-work/src/llvm-2.2/include/llvm/Analysis/DominatorInternals.h:147: no
type named NodeType' in class llvm::BasicBlock’
/home/i00171/Work/llvm-work/src/llvm-2.2/include/llvm/Analysis/DominatorInternals.h:150: VInfo' undeclared (first use this function) /home/i00171/Work/llvm-work/src/llvm-2.2/include/llvm/Analysis/DominatorInternals.h:152: no matching function for call toCompress(
llvm::DominatorTreeBasellvm::BasicBlock&, llvm::BasicBlock*&)’


That is a very strange error: I think the code is fine, but your GCC is confused. I notice that GCC 3.2.2 is listed as a "known bad" version of GCC. It could be that 3.2.3 is also broken as well. Is there any local source change you can make to that file that gets it working? If not, I'd suggest upgrading to a newer GCC. Sorry :frowning:


I did build GCC 4.2 and used that to build LLVM 2.2. It builds fine now.


Sounds good, I added 3.2.3 to the list of broken gcc's.