2.7 Updates and pre-release1 testing ends

The 2.7 pre-release testing ends tomorrow March 24th (11:59PM PDT).

I’ve updated the 2.7 release schedule to include a one week regression fixing week. This is only for regressions found in 2.7 and not for miscellaneous bug fixes. I will no longer be merging in patches that are not a regression as defined in our release process (http://llvm.org/docs/HowToReleaseLLVM.html#release-qualify).

Here is the updated schedule:

  • Mar 7 - Code Freeze (9PM PST)
  • Mar 13 - Pre-release1 testing begins
  • Mar 24 - Pre-release1 testing ends
  • Mar 24 - Regression fixing week.
  • Mar 31 - Regression fixing week ends.
  • Apr 4 - Pre-release2 testing begins
  • Apr 11 - Pre-release2 testing ends
  • Apr 12 - Release!


Oh boy! Two presents for April 12, LLVM 2.7 and Target Field!



Really, great work everyone. I'm getting us ready to upgrade all the way to
2.7 (from 2.5 - oohh!) as soon as it's released