2 experimental projects

In case of the llvm tests the situation is somewhat more
complicated, since dejagnu is driving the process, and
dejagnu hinders us in a direct $(MAKE) invocation, so
it falls back to -j1. My approach is thus using dejagnu
to build up makefiles in test/…/Output/… and when
these makefiles are executed by $(MAKE) we will
get the same output as before. Each of the makefiles
shall create the .testresults files just like clang tests do.

To be clear… do you plan to use the exisiting mechanism to execute the
“RUN” lines? This is much preferred over the TestRunner script and there
are many reasons why we transition away from using TestRunner.

The RUN: lines will be executed in the same way as before.

Also, will you preserve the ability to run a subset of tests via


Will dejagnu still produce one log file or will there be multiples?

There will be per-suite logfiles and also the big digest concatenated

How will this impact the nightly testers?

It shouldn’t. If it does, then it is a bug and will be fixed.

While its cool to run them in parallel, I don’t want to lose the
functionality that we have now with dejagnu/tcl.

Me neither :slight_smile: