2011 LLVM Developers' Meeting Registration Now Open

Registration for the 2011 LLVM Developer Meeting is now open:


The attendance limit has been increased to 225 this year, but with the growing interest in LLVM, registration will likely still fill up quickly; we encourage you to register early.

The 2011 meeting will be held on Friday, November 18, 2011 at

  San Jose Marriott
  301 South Market Street
  San Jose, CA 95113

The Marriott is at the opposite end of the San Jose Convention Center from last year's meeting; and should provide more space for this year's larger meeting.

I'm happy to say that with the support of QuIC and Apple, we have again avoided registration fees this year. Please register if you are fairly certain that you will attend; but if you later find out that you are unable to attend, please mail arlenr@qualcomm.com as soon as you know so that we can let someone who is on the waitlist attend.

Apple has graciously offered to host this year's dinner. Details are forthcoming but be sure to indicate that you will be attending the dinner on the registration form to be assured a seat.

The registration form has a field for you to provide input on sessions or suggestions for this year's meeting. Please give this some serious thought and fill this field in.

- Registration filling up
- Dinner filling up faster
- Feedback from registration on technical program
  - *** Lightning Talks and Posters ***
  - Topics attendees would like to see sessions on
- Session proposal deadline extended


Hey David,

I registered as soon as I saw the accouncement but did not get any automatic confirmation. Could you check if I am registered successfully for the meeting (and the dinner)?


Apologies for the limitations of the registration system.

- No email is sent upon completion

- If you get a page at the end that says you successfully registered, then you are good to go

- There have been a few reported cases of the registration page hanging, if so try another browser such as Firefox.

If you have questions mail me directly (dkipping@qualcomm.com).

If the group wants, I can do a form mail to existing registrations.

Yes, please. With slots filling up fast, it would be very comforting to be 100% sure that our registration attempts worked.

I'd appreciate that just so I have an official record that I actually registered, instead of worrying every time I get another email about it. :slight_smile:


Same here. My brain is notoriously leaky about such things.



Yes, please.

So just to be clear… the talk submission deadline is the end of the month now?

Hi David,

Please send messages related to the LLVM Developer Meeting to the Clang developer's mailing list <cfe-dev@cs.uiuc.edu>, since there are a number of people there who are interested in LLVM but down follow the general (backend-centric) llvm-dev list.

  - Doug

I will do a mail merge to registered attendees, but will likely take me 24 hours (in meetings the rest of today). I will send mail to this group when the mailing completes so if you don't have mail ...

Developers do not have confidence in the results given by the registration app. What is that type of cynicism derived from practitioners in a field knowing the foibles therein?

The question is whether the app will automatically indicate to visitors there are no available slots after the last one has been taken, and if it will indicate a failed application for those dawdling on the form too long.

Otherwise, applicants are requiring some extra work on David's part.

Alfonso Guerra

I've sent confirmation mail to the 148 people who registered as 9/15/2011 13:44 Pacific time. There are people who registered after that time, and I will send them mail once my flight lands on Monday.

- Hacking session this year?
- 8 seats left
- Speakers can still get in