2012/01/04 -- LLVM Social, New Years Edition!

Greetings from the future!

Our trusty Canadian LLVMer and Socializer is off in Canada land, but FEAR NOT! The Social carries on in my less competent hands! There shall be beer! There shall be pub food! It shall be awesome!

WHAT: Beer, scotch, burgers, and stuff.
WHERE: Tied House, in downtown Mountain View (http://g.co/maps/p374r)

If you are planning on attending, please reply OFF LIST to me and let me know. I know, I know, the Canadian is far more competent at this and has the lovely website with confirmation and stuff… but it’s all too complex for my brain, so instead I resort to ye olde email.

I’m planning on discussing why block placement is still off, why I hate performance analysis (perf annotate, y u no annotate??), and why suits are awesome. What do you want to ramble about?

As several folks have pointed out to me, I missed a critical piece of information: