2015 Linux Plumbers LLVM microconference

It's that time of year again to plan the LLVM microconference for Linux
Plumbers Conference August 19-21, Seattle, WA, USA.


I'm collecting topics and speakers for the LLVM track which will cover
topics surrounding LLVM technologies and the use of LLVM in Linux and
Linux related technologies. The idea is to present new ideas,
technologies, or have a platform from which to discuss LLVM related
things with the low level Linux community.


Presentations are 15-20 mins with 15-20 mins of questions and discussion.

If you are interested in attending and speaking during this
microconfernce, please contact me.

Indeed you are welcome to propose talks for any of the microconferences,
or indeed submit talks for the refereed track.


I hope to hear from you,


We already have a number of people (with rough tentative topics) who are interested in speaking at the LLVM microconference at Plumbers already. But we still have room for more speakers, LLVM related topics and key attendees.

If you are interested in sharing what it is you are working on related to LLVM and Linux in a lightning talk+dicussion format in Seattle (August 19-21) at LPC, contact me.

The list so far.

   * Alexei Starovoitov (eBPF)
   * Behan Webster (clang static analyzer)
   * Bernhard Rosenkranzer (OpenMandriva)
   * Jan-Simon Moeller (LLVMLinux)
   * Khem Raj (yocto)
   * Konstantin Serebryany (Sanitizers/and other related things)
   * Mark Charlebois (Dronecode)

I know the conference is a long way off, and you may not know for sure if you can make it. But in order to get the conference approved it is important to know who will probably be able to come. So a hope to attend LLVM at LPC and half-baked speaking topics (or even an intention of forming a fully baked topic in coming months) are fine for now.

Feel free to email me a short note about your interest.