[2021 LLVM Dev Mtg] Last call for round tables

Hello all! We are trying to finalize the last parts of the upcoming 2021 LLVM Developers’ meeting. If you are considering a round table, please get your submission in by this Friday (November 5) at 6pm PDT.

Details here:
The round table submission form is now available:

Round tables are informal gatherings of developers on a specific topic. They are typically lead by 2-3 individuals and are given an hour long slot, but not required to utilize the full hour. Round tables will be held online during the 2021 LLVM Developers’ Meeting (Nov 16-19) using Zoom.

Below are some tips to have a successful round table:

  • Submit a complete description of the round table so that attendees know what to expect and want to attend.
  • Prepare a list of questions or goals for the round table.
  • For example, a round table on “mentorship” may aim to have a set of changes they want to make to improve the mentorship and mentee experience within GSOC or Outreachy.- Assign someone not running the round table to take detailed notes.
  • Be sure to upload the meeting minutes to the LLVM Dev Mtg website and email to the appropriate LLVM mailing list.- Provide a way for attendees to optionally provide their name and email address to be contacted for future round tables/meetups or to discuss further.
  • Keep a list of action items and follow up with volunteers after the round table

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Tanya Lattner
LLVM Dev Mtg Organizer