2022 LLVM Dev Mtg Updates

Hello all! Things are very busy and we are about 6 weeks out from the 2022 LLVM Developers’ Meeting. I just wanted to give you a few updates.

Agenda Updates
We had many amazing talk proposal submissions this year! The program committee had to make some tough choices which took them a bit longer. We are waiting on the last few lightning talks to be confirmed before announcing the selected talks.

Student Travel Grants
We have awarded 18 students travel grants to attend the conference. A blog post will be done to announce the recipients. We have exhausted the LLVM Foundation’s budgeted amount for travel grants and will not do another round of applications.

MLIR Summit Registration Open

The MLIR Summit will be held November 10th from 10-4pm at the Hayes Mansion. Registration is open and limited to 90 spots. Limited details are on the event site, with more to come.


We will need volunteers for moderators, newcomer orientation, and Community.o workshop. Stay tuned for updates on all of these fronts.

More updates to come!

Please let me know if you have any questions.