2022 Summer Static Analysis Internship for Veracode

2022 Summer Internship

Role Overview/Description

We are seeking a Research Intern to join Veracode’s Applied Research Group for the 2022 summer. The intern will assist a small building new analysis capabilities leveraging LLVM and related open-source projects for Veracode’s Static Application Security Testing (SAST) products.

Candidate Description

The Research Intern will work with guidance from Researchers and Engineers to assist in building static analysis tools. They will work diligently to build prototype capabilities with the assistance of Senior Research and Engineering staff. They will ask questions, summarize work, and participate in design conversations.

Key Responsibilities

  • · Develop prototype capabilities using LLVM-based tools.
  • · Engage in design and review conversations.
  • · Work in a small group of Security and Software experts.

Key Skills and Experiences Desired

  • · Experience writing C++ while leveraging some aspect of LLVM features.
  • · Git, Cmake/Ninja, or similar build tools.
  • · Ability to confidently build open-source tools and report back on key features.
  • · Willingness to try, and fail, building something complicated!

The following are valuable but not required:

  • · Experience with Rust.
  • · Any experience decompiling C++, or similar language, into LLVM IR.
  • · Experience with Swift and SIL intermediate representations.

If interested please email Jared Carlson at: jcarlson@veracode.com if interested