2022 US LLVM Developers' Meeting - Registration is open

Registration for the 2022 US LLVM Developers’ Meeting is now open! You can register by visiting the event site: 2022 LLVM Developers' Meeting

The LLVM Developers’ Meeting will be held November 8-9 in San Jose, CA. It is a bi-annual gathering of the entire LLVM Project community. The conference is organized by the LLVM Foundation and many volunteers within the LLVM community. Developers and users of LLVM, Clang, and related subprojects will enjoy attending interesting talks, impromptu discussions, and networking with the many members of our community. Whether you are new to the LLVM project or a long time member, there is something for each attendee.

Please see this overview of the agenda for the meeting:

There are 2 pre-conference events on November 7th: a 1/2 day Community.o workshop and Newcomer Orientation, followed by a reception for both events. Both require registration to attend.

Ticket prices are as follows:

  • Corporate Ticket - $900
    Main conference tickets for employees of corporations. This includes 2 days of the conference on November 8-9 and an evening reception on November 8.

  • Individual/Academic/Nonprofit Ticket - $600
    Main conference tickets for Individuals that are self-employed, or that work for academia or non-profits. This includes 2 days of the conference on November 8-9 and an evening reception on November 8.

  • Student Ticket - $250
    Main conference tickets for those that are full time students. This includes 2 days of the conference on November 8-9 and an evening reception on November 8.

  • Community.o & Newcomer Ticket - $100
    Tickets for Community.o ½ day workshop, Newcomer orientation, and Community.o reception on November 7.

  • Community.o - $75
    Tickets for the Community.o ½ day workshop and Community.o reception only on November 7.

  • Newcomer - $75
    Fee to add the Newcomer orientation and Community.o reception, on November 7, to a main conference ticket. Please note the Newcomer orientation is not sold as a stand-alone ticket.

If you are a student and need financial assistance for the Community.o or Newcomer events, please contact the LLVM Foundation (tanyalattner@llvm.org). Student travel grants will be available and announced separately.

Attendance is capped at 375 attendees.


I am a bit disappointed that masks won’t be required indoors. I know the Cpp North conference recently held, required indoor masking except when eating and most folks and they had positive results from this from all the attendees I talked to. See C++ Conference in Toronto

I saw that testing will be available onsite but will a negative test be required to attend? If I knew everyone was required to test negative that would be a large boost in confidence that the event was safer.


We are following the guidelines set out by the Santa Clara County health department. The health order strongly recommends masks indoors, but they are not required. Masks will be available for anyone that would like one.

We will not require a negative test before attending the event, but will have some COVID-19 rapid tests on hand for those that would like them. We also will have some outdoor seating for meals and hope to have the reception outside (or outdoor tent if weather is an issue).

Thank you for explaining the guidelines. If I understand correctly, these are minimums and they don’t restrict us from imposing stronger measures.

I feel like the LLVM community prides itself on providing a safe social space for folks and I believe we should also seek to provide a space as safe from disease as possible for folks to collaborate in as well.

The research is consistent in showing that universal masking has significant impacts (an order of magnitude difference) on spread Vs relying on individuals to make their own choice: https://twitter.com/ann_rees/status/1516423325739847697

This is not solely about individual safety, although I do care about that. This is about the 275+ communities of folks that everyone at the conference will expose on the days after and keeping those folks safe. Service workers of whom we will definitely be exposed to have a much higher mortality rate: COVID-19 mortality rate five times higher among labor, retail and service workers, study reveals: 68% of COVID-19 deaths during the first year of the pandemic were adults in low socioeconomic positions -- ScienceDaily

Should we not also be thinking about how to maximize their safety as well?


I understand and respect your viewpoints. However, we will follow what Santa Clara County health department guidelines are (which are subject to change as the county decides) and not be setting our own restrictions.

Not that what I write may change anything: I don’t expect to change your mind or the event policy in a single post, but I still want to provide a different way to look at what it means to be “following the county’s recommendations”.

Another take on this would be that when the county “strongly recommends masks indoors”, that should translate into the organizer of an event mandating it obviously.

By not doing so, I personally don’t see this as “following the recommendation” as an organizer but rather offloading this to the individual attendees instead.
Unfortunately, as an individual, wearing a mask isn’t enough to self-protect, you need everyone to do so: by accepting that people may not wear mask we’re creating a space that does not adhere to the county recommendations in itself, as I perceive it at least.
(Of course: I’m biased by having been infected despite being part of the minority of passengers to mask in a plane recently)


My own perspective, if the conference requires people to wear masks when the county doesn’t, then I won’t be attending.

I’m just going to lock this thread for now. Please contact me at tanyalattner@llvm.org if you need to discuss this more.

Regarding COVID-19 policies - We have already made the decision about the COVID-19 policy for the 2022 LLVM Developers’ Meeting and posted it on the LLVM Developers’ Meeting event site. While, I can understand that there are differing opinions on this policy, I would like to refrain from continued discussion/debate on the Announcements forum on this topic.

I’m going to unlock the thread again for other registration specific questions. Thank you.

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The 2022 LLVM Developers’ Meeting is filling up fast! Register today to reserve your spot:


The agenda has also been listed on the event site:

Registration will close if we sell out, or on October 31st.

Registration is currently sold out for the 2022 LLVM Developers’ Meeting. Regarding the pre/post events:

  • Community.o: Currently sold out.
  • Newcomer Orientation: A few spots available as an add on to your existing Dev Mtg registration.
  • MLIR Summit: Currently sold out. We are investigating if it’s possible to increase attendance or not.

There is a waitlist if any tickets open up.

That seems like great news! How does the registration count compare with previous years?

Registration was capped at 375 for this year and this venue.

Previous registration numbers for the US LLVM Dev Mtg:

  • 2019: 630 attendees
  • 2018: 537 attendees
  • 2017: 477 attendees
  • 2016: 434 attendees