2023 EuroLLVM - Student Travel Grant Applications now accepted

Student travel grant applications for the 2023 EuroLLVM Developers’ Meeting are now being accepted. Full time undergraduate and graduate students are invited to submit their application through this Google Form: https://forms.gle/mCCVD4PWQQ4xSC557

The deadline to apply is March 5, 2023.

Full program eligibility may be found in the google form.

The LLVM Foundation is committed to diversity and education in the fields of compilers and tools, and supporting the long term health and growth of the LLVM Project. Therefore, the LLVM Foundation provides travel grants to students attending the LLVM Developers’ Meetings or other compilers and tools related educational conferences. The student travel grant program is funded by the LLVM Foundation’s sponsors.

Regarding the stay in Glasgow. As students, are we supposed to find a place to stay or will you take care of this aspect?

Student travel grants typically include all aspects of travel to attend the event, including lodging, unless students are receiving funding from an additional source. Lodging for those who are awarded travel grants will be provided at the conference hotel. We will arrange for the stay, but student’s must have a valid credit card in order to check-in to the hotel and allow for incidentals and liability.

The deadline to apply for a student travel grant is less than one week away! (March 5th) Please get your applications in or share this program with those that you think could benefit. We will not be extending the deadline.

The deadline for travel grant applications is today, March 5th (end of day AoE). We will not extend this deadlines, so please get your applications in.

Hi! Is there an expected date by which the grant results will be released?

@tonic Sorry to ping again, but could you let us know when the grant results will be releases or if they have been released? Im asking so I can plan my visa timeline as there is only a month left, which is a short time period to get a visa.

We had a large number of applicants and are trying to work through them, but it’s been slow. I would like to be done this week and will try to make that happen.


Right. Thank you for the effort!