2023 US LLVM Developers' Meeting Registration & Workshop Accouncements

Registration for the 2023 US LLVM Developers’ Meeting will be opening at the end of this week! An announcement will be sent once it has opened.

The 2023 US LLVM Developers’ Meeting will be held October 11-12, with workshops and a newcomer orientation and reception on October 10th (separate registration required, space is limited). Workshop descriptions are below the ticket prices.


Main Conference:
Early bird registration is through September 10.

  • Corporate Ticket $900 (Register by September 10), $1100 (After September 10)
    Main conference tickets for employees of corporations. This includes 2 days of the conference October 11- October 12, and an evening reception on October 11.
  • Individual/Academic/Nonprofit: $600 (Register by September 10), $800 (After September 10)
    Main conference tickets for Individuals that are self-employed, or that work for academia or non-profits. This includes 2 days of the conference October 11 - October 12, and an evening reception on October 11.
  • Student Ticket: $250 (Register by September 10), $350 (After September 10)
    Main conference tickets for those that are full time students. This includes 2 days of the conference October 11 - October 12, and an evening reception on October 11.

For large group registrations with an invoice, please email LLVM@blineevents.com

Full Day Workshops:
Tickets for full day workshops on October 10. Includes lunch and snacks.

Workshops include: MLIR

  • Corporate $150 (with conference registration), $300 (without)
  • Nonprofit/Academic: $125 (with conference registration), $250 (without)
  • Student: $75 (with conference registration), $100 (without)

½ Day Workshops:
Tickets to 1/2 day workshops on October 10th.

Workshops include: Community.o,

  • Corporate: $75 (with conference registration), $125 (without)
  • Nonprofit/Academic: $65 (with conference registration), $115 (without)
  • Student: $50 (with conference registration), $75 (without)

Newcomer Orientation & Reception: Tickets to a newcomer orientation and evening reception on October 10. Requires conference registration.

  • Corporate: $50
  • Nonprofit/Academic: $40
  • Student: $25

Student Travel Grants are available.


9:00am-5:00pm: MLIR Workshop
MLIR is a modular, composable compiler infrastructure framework that can be used to build a wide range of compilers and tools. The 3rd MLIR workshop co-located with LLVM dev meeting brings together developers and users to discuss new developments, uses and explorations of MLIR. This workshop is also open to work-in-progress and novel prototypes.

The workshop will include a keynote address, technical talks, and roundtable discussions. There will also be opportunities for networking and collaboration.

8:30am - 12:30pm: GPU Offloading with LLVM
In this workshop we will discuss past and ongoing efforts utilizing GPUs via LLVM. We will discuss the LLVM/libc effort to bring standard library functions onto the GPU; the “new” offload driver in Clang (and Flang) that allows for interoperability between programming languages (CUDA/HIP/OpenMP offload) and features such as device-side LTO; as well as other infrastructure and research projects that touch LLVM and GPUs. Anyone, from newcomers to the topic up to core developers are equally welcome.

8:30am - 12:30pm: Practical Compiler Optimizations for Warehouse-Scale Applications
In this workshop, we aim to start a conversation about the performance characteristics of server-side workloads and the compiler optimizations motivated by those performance characteristics. We’ll start by talking about Google’s workloads and core optimizations such as ThinLTO, FDO, and Propeller, then we’ll briefly walk through how to get started with using them on a simple program. Then, we’ll hand off to folks at a different company or two in this space (we’re in the progress of reaching out to those who may be interested) to talk about their own workloads and how they inform the compiler optimizations they use. Lastly, we’ll moderate an open discussion about what others’ workloads look like, optimizations they rely on, and opportunities for collaboration.

1:00pm - 5:00pm: Community.o
Community.o is an LLVM Foundation initiative to increase diversity and inclusion within the LLVM project and the field of compilers and tools. Why Community.o? The name is inspired by the compilation model where object files link together for a final program, much like how folks from different backgrounds come together to make up llvm’s community and shared goal of inclusivity. This workshop will focus on areas such as mentorship and code of conduct within the LLVM community, among other topics that can help us achieve our goals. Anyone interested in supporting and helping this initiative is encouraged to attend.

1:00pm - 5:00pm: Embedded Toolchains Workshop
Embedded systems software, which for the purposes of the workshop we’ll define as ranging from a no-operating system microcontroller project, to embedded linux, has some requirements that are different from userspace software that runs on top of an OS. The purpose of the workshop is to focus on the embedded specific requirements and coming up with an approach for addressing these in the open-source llvm-project. The focus will be on sharing knowledge of downstream solutions and discussing requirements and design of upstream features rather than a tutorial for how to build a toolchain for embedded systems.

1:00pm - 5:00pm: ML-Guided Compiler Optimization in LLVM
The workshop aims to bring together LLVM contributors and researchers that work on machine learning-based compiler optimizations, to discuss their current, ongoing projects and explore ways to better collaborate.

Newcomer Orientation & Reception - October 10th

5:00pm - 7:00pm
This session provides an overview of what the LLVM Developers’ Meeting is, how to make the most of your time, and tips for networking. Newcomers are highly encouraged to attend and meet some friendly faces before the main event. Attendees who are not new are also encouraged to attend and provide guidance and mentorship to new attendees. The reception is a great opportunity for a smaller setting to network. Space is limited.


Due to a mistake in double booking, the workshop schedule had to be adjusted.

  • GPU Offloading with LLVM is 8:30am-12:30pm
  • Embedded Toolchains Workshop is now 1:00pm-5:00pm