[3.2 Release] T-11 days and counting



Only 11 days left till we branch for the 3.2 release!

However, considering that the dev meeting takes place
next week there is not much time left for any significant
changes to be incorporated into the 3.2 release.

the enhancements, fixes and changes rather then
try to get that patch checked-in at the last moment.
We have already had seen retraction of the
"address space series"patches in r167222.

Unknown Unknowns

The best way to describe my biggest concern as a release
manager is the "things we do not know we don't know" .
Up to date documentation goes a long a way to rectify this
concern and I will be focusing on getting the 3.2 release notes
in sync with the checked-in reality.

Distilling all the changes into a readable release notes is a
somewhat tedious process and I would appreciate any help that
I can get. If you think that a particular item needs to be
mentioned in the release notes please either modify them or
drop me an e-mail.

I would also encourage you to review the documentation,
especially the user manuals. One of the most important and
often frustrating (for the user) aspects of using complex
tools like llvm/clang is the usage of command line options.
I was recently stumped by the "shenanigans" going on with
the clang driver options, which are not reflected in the
documentation. Correct up to date documentation goes a long
way to smooth interactions of the user-option-tool triple.