[3.3 Release] Release Candidate 1 Sources Available

Hi LLVM-ers!

The 3.3 release candidate 1 sources are now available! You can get them here:


Once binaries are available, they will be posted there as well.

Please test out these sources and create bug reports for any problems you encounter (http://llvm.org/bugs/) --- and please CC me on those bug reports.

Share and enjoy!

Note: There are symlinks from the main `llvm' sources to the other sources. So you may need to download all of the sources, or remove those symlinks. I encourage you to compile as much of the sources as possible (compiler-rt, libcxx, etc.), and only remove symlinks if things don't work for your environment.

The RC looks good on SystemZ; all projects/test-suite tests pass.

There are still two failing tests in the regression suite:

    LLVM :: DebugInfo/namespace.ll

This was already fixed by Richard and backported to the branch
as revision 181419 (which wasn't in the RC).

    Clang :: CodeGenCXX/throw-expressions.cpp

This is just a test-case issue, which I reported here:


Trivial issue, should be fixed by backport of r181465.