3.5 nomination (possibly post-3.5.1)

Can we get this cherry-picked into release_35? I realize 3.5.1 is right around the corner, so this can certainly wait until after 3.5.1.


commit c5a619419ccbf96191124fd93b53570084565450
Author: Rafael Espindola <rafael.espindola@gmail.com>

    Call powerpc-darwin external tools with -arch ppc.
    With this patch we call external tools for powerpc-darwin with "-arch ppc"
    instead of "-arch powerpc", so as to be compatible with the cctools assembler
    and ld64 linker.
    Patch by Stephen Drake!
    git-svn-id: https://llvm.org/svn/llvm-project/cfe/trunk@216687 91177308-0d34-0410-b5e6-96231b3b80d8
    (cherry picked from commit 52fc295aad114ea91f4118d5e48fdfa142871704)

This seems reasonable to me.

Any objections Rafael?


Note that this probably would only impact the branch? Not sure that Tom is planning on another point release.

Correct. I’d thought there was another one planned, but I’m not sure now that you ask.


No objections from me.


If there is one, great. If not, it's on the branch and doesn't harm anyone :wink:

There will be a 3.5.2 release. Who is the code owner for this? Hal?


Driver? Looks like Chad. I’ve been pretty active in there so I feel OK approving it.


Driver? Looks like Chad. I've been pretty active in there so I feel OK
approving it.

OK, Jeremy go ahead and merge it to the 3.5 branch.