3.6.2-final has been tagged.


I have tagged 3.6.2-final, so testers can start building and uploading
-final binaries. There was only one change between 3.6.2-rc1 and
3.6.2-final, which was a patch to the R600 backend to fix the build
with VS2012. Running a full regression suite is probably not necessary,
but you still can if you want to be extra careful.


No problems building and testing on FreeBSD. Binaries uploaded:

SHA256 (clang+llvm-3.6.2-amd64-unknown-freebsd10.tar.xz) = 8f6226cfe61fea2ceb6f61b6b6be362acb912c99ef75d8d361788a24ebefa31f
SHA256 (clang+llvm-3.6.2-i386-unknown-freebsd10.tar.xz) = be189a269aa1492d601daae269ceaad3ab1ee46797a5c09a05e66793ed0887e2


ARM+AArch64 up. All gree.

Just to note there was a bug in test-release.sh where the script would
not exit if the build/tests failed making failures less noticeable.
I've fixed it in r241599. It would be a good idea to use that fix
unless you are happy combing through the logs for failures.

I always do. :slight_smile:

But thanks for the heads up, I'll update the script.


Fedora and Suse binaries uploaded.

Uploaded the Windows installer: (sha1)

8dec566d07dca64e6e62082b35c6387a838c6fda LLVM-3.6.2-win32.exe

Attaching the batch file I used in case anyone wishes to reproduce it.

- Hans

build_llvm_362.bat|attachment (2.33 KB)

2015-07-06 23:35 GMT+02:00 Tom Stellard <tom@stellard.net>:

Binaries for x86-64 Ubuntu 14.04 and 15.04 uploaded.

Compared to my earlier releases, the directory inside the archive now matches that of the archive name, and the cmake files are now present.

Thanks to Dan Liew for pointing out the problems and making it easy to work out what went wrong.


clang+llvm-3.6.2-mips-linux-gnu.tar.xz clang+llvm-3.6.2-mipsel-linux-gnu.tar.xz uploaded and ok.

Hi Tom,

Are we waiting for more binaries?


Hi Tom,

Are we waiting for more binaries?

No, every thing is ready. I just need to update the website and send
the release announcement.