[3.6 Release] We have branched

Hello all,

The 3.6 release branch was created from trunk at r225991 (which
corresponds to about 8 am this morning PST).

Release notes: please help get these updated! The 3.6 release notes
live on the 3.6 branch, so you should commit there directly. To check
out the branch, run:

  svn co https://llvm.org/svn/llvm-project/llvm/branches/release_36

Branch policy:

- Any doc changes can go in. Release note updates are highly encouraged!

- All other patches should be approved by the appropriate code owner
and the release manager. Commit them to trunk, reply to the commit
email asking for merge approval; if approved, merge with

- Fixes for major bugs may go in

- Fixes to complete an *existing* feature may go in. However, the
feature must be completed before Phase II of testing starts.