[3.8 Release] Release Candidate 2 source and binaries available

Hello everyone,

Source, binaries and documentation for LLVM-3.8.0-rc2 is now available
at http://llvm.org/pre-releases/3.8.0/#rc2

Please try them out, run tests, build your favourite projects, and
*file bugs* about anything that doesn't work and needs to be fixed for
the release. Please CC me on any findings.

Many thanks to all our release testers and packagers for putting the
binaries together!


Sorry the stupid question as this may be documented somewhere?
"OpenMP run-time included in packages targeting i386 and x86_64 Linux,
x86_64 FreeBSD, and Darwin."

I worked on the port of llvm-OpenMP-formally-known-as-Intel to Aarch64
- can it be included there as well? (I'm not sure what's precisely
involved - I'm willing to do my best fixing any bugs which pop up -
Same more or less applies to Power8 LE)

Would an x86_64 OpenIndiana or Solaris build be possible? (I can give
access to a host or try to help connect the dots between willing
parties. Assuming gdm doesn't get his way the binaries should
currently be cross compatible if compiled correctly.)

Hi Chris,

That'd entail me enabling them for AArch64. I have to say, I've done
that a few months ago and it all went smoothly, but I didn't know
anyone was interested (and there were some failures in the OMP tests).

I can enable them on the next release candidate and keep them on for
the next releases, but I can't support it myself, so if you're willing
to handle that, I'm ok with releasing them.

Also, it's not trivial to run the OMP tests, making it a bit harder to
monitor regressions between releases. For now, I'll just build them
and hope you or someone can spot regressions, but ultimately, it'd be
good to have it as part of the release process, maybe inside the


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Ok, I'll do it with rc3.


Sounds good to me, but if it doesn't build, or there are other
problems, I won't treat them as blocking 3.8.

Absolutely! Experimental quality. :slight_smile:


So, I got some dependency errors while building OpenMP on my AArch64 box:

cd /home/rengolin/devel/llvm/release/rc3/Phase3/openmp/src &&
/usr/bin/perl /home/rengolin/devel/llvm/release/rc3/openmp.src/runtime/tools/check-depends.pl
--os=lin --arch=aarch64
check-depends.pl: (i) Dependencies:
check-depends.pl: (i) libc.so.6
check-depends.pl: (i) libdl.so.2
check-depends.pl: (i) libpthread.so.0
check-depends.pl: (x) Unexpected dependencies:
check-depends.pl: (x) libc.so.6

I remember those problems when I tried last year, and they should be
not too hard to work around. However, we're late in the release and I
don't want to delay it even more for an experimental feature.

It should be fine to compile it separately and upload later. But it
would be better if you could work on the release and OMP scripts to
make it work out of the box, so we can do the next releases without

I'll continue without OMP for now.


I don't know *exactly* how you're building this or which OS or hw.. I don't see these problems so will need more details. The Intel guys may know the perl scripts better than me.. I don't really see how those can be the root of the problem.

Is there an open issue for this?

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I don't know *exactly* how you're building this or which OS or hw..

Renato said: "errors while building OpenMP on my AArch64 box"

So this is AARCH64, which is ARM 64 bit. Although I think Intel manufactures some of those
(see the top end Altera FPGAs), we don’t have any to play with in the OpenMP team, so we can't easily help.

-- Jim

James Cownie <james.h.cownie@intel.com>
SSG/DPD/TCAR (Technical Computing, Analyzers and Runtimes)
Tel: +44 117 9071438

That reply doesn't help identify the problem at all. The Intel people should know the code causing this. I do a nightly build on aarch64 every day against ToT and ‎don't see a problem.

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