[3.9 Release] We have branched

Dear everyone,

The 3.9 branch was created earlier today from trunk at r275826, after
which the trunk version was bumped to 4.0.0.

Release blockers for 3.9 are tracked by http://llvm.org/PR28600 Please
mark any bugs (new or already tracked) that you think need to be fixed
before the release as blocking this bug.

To get a change committed to the branch, first commit it to trunk as
usual, and then reply to the commit message on the mailing list with
myself and the code owner CC'd, asking for the change to be merged to
the branch.

Release notes for 3.9 should be committed directly to the branch. (Or
send me an email and I'll commit them for you.) If you (or someone you
know) made non-trivial changes in the past six months, please make
sure they are mentioned in the notes.

Please help me out in staying on top of the release by CC'ing me on
any bugs, commits, or other issues that you think may be relevant. If
I'm not CC'd, there's a large chance I will miss it.

What happens next? Once the branch is in decent shape, hopefully
within the next few days, a first release candidate will be made
available for testing.

Many thanks,