32bit MIPS (little endian) code gen for simplescalar 3.0

We are using simplescalar 3.0 as an architecture simulation platform for our research. The current version of the simplescalar still uses gnu binutils 1.5. and gcc-2.7.2 to generate 32bit mips code. We are currently trying to replace gcc-2.7.2 by LLVM current. However, the generated code cannot be processed by this old binutils-1.5. We expect that it can be quite difficult to make simplescalar use the current gnu binutils. Instead, we are thinking of modifing llc to generate mips code for binutils-1.5. Having said this, could you advise which module(s) in LLVM we need to modify? Thanks in advance.


Your best bet would be to modify simplescalar to be more up to date since, as far as the assembler is concerned, that's a single file. That said you'd need to modify the mips backend in llvm/lib/Target/Mips to output code that's compatible with your target.