3rd Workshop on Languages, Tools, and Techniques for Accelerator Design

Hi folks,

We’re organizing LATTE again this year and wanted to reach out to see if there would be any interest in presenting an update to some of the HLS stuff or other levels of abstraction people have been working on. Specifically, I think any of these could be a good fit:

  • @mortbopet’s HLS and FSM dialect work
  • @jopperm’s scheduling toolchain (which is now being used by folks at Cornell to build next-gen HLS tools)
  • State of pipelining and handshake abstractions and their uses in the ecosystem (not sure the right person to tag here. Maybe @stephenneuendorffer?)

The submission deadline is Feburary 7th, 2023 and we’re expecting to have the option to attend, participate, and present virtually if you can’t make it to the conference! Let me know if you have any questions!