[6.0.0 Release] TIme to wrap it up

Dear everyone,

The release schedule has snuck up on me again, and it's time to wrap
up the release.

We won't make it to the final tag on the 21st as per the schedule, but
I would like to get all outstanding blockers fixed and rc3 tagged by
Friday. Hopefully this would be the last rc and we could go to final
soon after.

If you're involved in a release-blocking bug (see
http://llvm.org/PR35804), please try to get it resolved as soon as

If you were planning to run some additional testing before the
release, it's high time.

I would also like to get the release notes ready this week. If you've
been meaning to write something but didn't get around to it yet, now
is the time.


Notes regarding the X86(_64) backend: Preliminary support for Sanitizers
and sibling features on NetBSD (ASan, UBsan, TSan, MSan, SafeStack,

Feel free to improve the wording.

Thanks! I tweaked it slightly and committed r325670.