[8.0.0 Release] rc4 has been tagged

Dear testers,

8.0.0-rc4 was just tagged from the release_80 branch at r355690.

This is similar to rc3, but it contains a few important fixes, notably
for https://llvm.org/PR40890

I'm hoping that this is that last release candidate, so please give it
a good testing. If all looks well, maybe we can get the final tag in
next week.

As usual, please run the test script, share your results, and upload binaries.

I'll publish source tarballs and docs as soon as possible, and
binaries as they become available.


It seems we'll need a fifth release candidate to pick up r355743. I
plan to tag it as soon as possible, but I'd like to see the commit
bake in trunk a little bit first.

If you're short on time, maybe hold off testing rc4 and wait for rc5.
If you're not short on time, please consider testing both :slight_smile:


I've did a quick head-of-the-branch testing and have nothing new to
report. However, I did not package RC4 yet as I'm waiting
for the sources.