[8.0.0 Release] The release branch is here; trunk is now 9.0.0

Hello everyone,

The release branch for LLVM 8 and its sub-projects was created from
trunk at r351319 earlier today, and the trunk version was subsequently
bumped to 9.0.0.

Release blockers are tracked by https://llvm.org/PR40331 Please mark
any bugs, old or new, that need to be fixed before the release as
blocking that.

To get a change committed to the branch, first commit it to trunk as
usual, and then request it to be merged -- ideally by filing a blocker
bug on https://llvm.org/PR40331, or by cc'ing me on the commit email.
(Please don't request merges over IRC, as such requests are easy to

Please help with the release by notifying me about any bugs, commits,
or other issues you think might be relevant. If it's not already
marked as blocking the release bug, or I'm not cc'd on an email about
it, I will probably miss it.

What's next? In a day or two, once the branch is in good shape, the
first release candidate (RC1) will be tagged and testing of that can
begin. The release schedule can be found under "Upcoming Releases" to
the right at https://llvm.org.