a bug for llvm-gcc??


I met the following quesiton, and I’m no sure it’s a bug for llvm-gcc:

I want to use gold plugin , so I compile and build all following the documents, and copy the libLLVMgold.so to the same directory as cc1’s,

after above all,I use llvm-gcc -used-gold-plugin to link the plugin library libLLVMgold.so with the original source file,

but llvm-gcc always tells me that it cannot find the libLLVMgold.so since it’s just there.

and I use collect2 -plugin to link the generated object files manually,everything is OK, the generated executable can also give the expected result.

Is it a bug for llvm-gcc can not search the correct plugin library file??If not,what’s the matter with my operations?

Best regards.