A Bug on CrossBridge aboud FP_ROUND operation, Seeking long-term support!

CrossBridge is the open-source version of Adobe FlasCC. It provides a complete C/C++ development environment for targeting the Adobe Flash Runtime. The source code of CrossBridge is https://github.com/crossbridge-community/crossbridge/tree/v15.0.0.3 , it is developed based on LLVM
Now, we find a bug on Crossbridg, the bug description is here:
Briefly speaking, CrossBridge doesn’t do FP_ROUND (the operation for converting high-precision type down to low-precision type) at all, it just copies the src value to dest!!!
But this bug is still tricky to us, and moreover we don’t know whether there are more bugs in CrossBridge, so we want to seek for someone who can help us to solve the problem and give the long-term support.