A change of seasons

Hi all!

I wanted to let you know that today is my last day at Google. I’ll be starting to work at Apple next week. I will continue to keep my eye on Linux LLDB and the Android LLGS effort as the Linux LLDB shepherding transitions over, but whatever time I put in will become all after-work activity at that point and will be just a sliver of what I have done through Google this past year.

I wanted to take a moment to give you a few updates:

Who Will Be Watching Over LLDB Linux/Android?

I have been joined by a number of people both within Google and on the contractor side starting back in June. You’ve met some of them already - Shawn Best and Alex Pepper (both Blue Shift Inc. - BSI).

There are several more you may see in the near future:

  • Vince Harron (Google - my manager)
  • Oleksiy Vyalov (Google - new to LLDB)
  • Siva Reddy (Google - new to LLDB, previous debugger experience)
  • John Brooks (BSI)
  • Doug Snyder (BSI)
  • Andy Chien (BSI)
  • Marty Chinn (BSI)
  • Troy Sheets (BSI)

They’ve been helping me behind the scenes (BSI) or are in the process of ramping up now (Google Android folks). They will be driving the continuity behind my work. Which leads to the next update.

LLGS - where is that at?

LLGS for x86_64 and x86 Linux is not ready for official thumbs up just yet. The criteria for that success metric is having the “llgs local-process mode” passing the local LLDB test suite at or better than the existing local ProcessMonitor/ProcessLinux local LLDB test suite.

LLGS is available in top-of-tree llvm.org, but there are a number of changes in the dev-thread-state-coordinator branch on my github account. I was hoping to squeeze that in today but, with the number of failing tests upstream now being reported, it is clear there are a number of fixes that have to happen upstream before I’d be comfortable getting the branch upstreamed. I’ll be communicating with the Google/BSI guys once I figure out how much time I am able to muster up over the next couple weeks to see if we can get that integrated. If it’s not me, it’ll be one of the other Google Android team getting it tested, reviewed and upstreamed.

The plan of record after that is to get llgs running on an x86_64 Android setup built with the NDK to work out the Androidisms, then fan out to the other architectures (arm64/arm32, x86-32 bit, mips 64/32).

While this is a goodbye of sorts, I expect you may see me pop up in the LLVM community in a different context sometime in the future.

I’ve truly enjoyed my time at Google interacting with the LLVM community as a whole, and the great, friendly people contributing to LLDB in particular. Thanks for making it such a great community!

Todd Fiala

Good luck and thanks for the work you did! LLDB has come a long way on
non-OS X in the last year.

- Bruce

Thanks, Bruce!


Good luck and thanks for all your help!

Thanks, Matthew! Always a pleasure.

Thanks for your work, Todd! I hope we’ll see more down the road. :slight_smile:

A little bit of a late response, but thanks for all your help getting up to speed on LLDB and reviewing my early patches, and other general advice / support. Good luck at Apple!