a good C++ and ASM forum ?

I started following this mailing list few days ago, I found it interesting even if I literally started clang just after being subscribed, so my know-how it’s exactly capable of decode most of this informations, but more often I feel the need to discuss something in a different way and with a different approach, I wonder if somebody can suggest some C++ and assembly forums around the net that are about programming, mainly on both x86 and ARM.

in case I’m really OT please discard this message.

Hi Arji,

comp.lang.c++ is a good start. About ARM assembly, maybe the
forums.arm.commight give you a good channel to discuss further.

I also recommend you to find a group of C++ programmers around your
physical area and go have a pizza every Friday, there are some things that
emails just suck at. :wink:


Thanks for those 2 links

2013/7/28 Renato Golin <renato.golin@linaro.org>