A new binary release of ELLCC is available.

A new ELLCC binary release, version 0.1.32, is available at http://ellcc.org.

ELLCC is a clang/LLVM based cross compilation tool chain.

This release includes support for 64 bit MIPS and PowerPC targets, updates binutils to version 2.27,

clang/LLVM to version r277813, GDB to 7.11.1, and updates several libraries to new versions: musl to 1.1.15,

mbedtls to 2.3.0, curl to 7.50.0, expat to 2.2.0, nghttp2 1.13.0, libedit to 20160618-3.1, and libssh2 to 1.7.0.

More information is available at http://ellcc.org/blog/?p=77156.