A proposal for GSoC'13

Hey everyone ,

I’m a current master’s student from Portugal. I started to work with Clang since February/March, by doing a tool that analyses C+MPI code and reproduces the same code but with some specific annotations.

At this moment I’m working on a kind of Data-flow analysis, something like Reaching Definitions using CFG but focusing on my thesis work.

When I saw in google summer code that LLVM was one of the mentors, I thought that I could contribute by doing an analyser for Clang based on Reaching Definitions.

It would be something like, given a CFGBlock* , an integer that indicates the Element on the CFGBlock and the CFG, it would return all paths from that CFGBlock until next definition of that variable. This is just an initial idea that can be explored.

I think that is something new and I believe that it could be useful for the community. In my case, it is useful to help to determine what parts of the code(C+MPI) are collective and non-collective (if conditional depends on the rank of the process).

Let me know what you think on submitting this as a GSoC’13.


Nuno Dias Martins