A question to LLVM for ARMv6

Hi, all

I want to use LLVM to compile an ARM Cortex-M0 project on windows. Who can send me a sample, including command arguments and introdution about debug process. Thanks a lot.

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Hi Steven,

On the following page I can find how to build cross-compiling clang/llvm and
what packages you will need for the ARM cross-compilation:


On the following page you can read about cross-compilation using clang:


For example, compiling for Cortex-M0 (armv6-m):

clang --target=armv6m-arm-none-eabi -mcpu=cortex-m0 t.c

Kind regards,

Hi Steven,

It looks like your installed linker does not support cross-compilation for
arm. You need to install gcc with arm support. You can find a link to it on
Linaro site: Builds & Downloads | Linaro (Bare-metal toolchain for
Cortex-R/M and Cortex-A) .

Kind regards,