A quick update on FreeBSD support

Hello, Marcel

First of all, thank for your great job for trying llvm-gcc on FreeBSD!
Some quick notes below:

o Adding support for inline assembly for ia64 (already started) and
    improving ia64 in general. This is longer term work...

Please note, that IA64 didn't have active maintainer for some time
(maybe year or even two), so it can be heavily broken for some things. I
bet nobody even tried to compile llvm-gcc on IA64 nowadays.

o Add ARM and sparc64 to the mix (and MIPS when I have the hardware).

MIPS is in 'work-in-progress' stage. Bruno is doing it as part of his
GSoC project.

    - the FreeBSD ports collection (~20000 software projects),
       including biggies like X11, KDE, OpenOffice, Java...

That should be nice. Before 2.0 release I tested several huge
applications from KDE (KOffice, for example), but having whole ports
collection as an ultimate "testsuite" will be, hrm, awesome :slight_smile:

Chris mentioned that while at BSDcan. I hope to be able to change
the ia64 backend from one that's bitrotting to one that's at the
very least usable. I don't know if I will be able to make it a
high-performing backend, given everything else I'm doing (like
maintaining FreeBSD/ia64 itself), but we'll see...