A relocaiton error when building a new llvm backend

Hi there,

Hope any experts can possibly point me some useful information.
I’m building an LLVM backend for my own ISA. I have an error when trying to use my compiler to emit machine code for Windows.
The error message looks like this:

‘anonymous namespace’::WinCOFFObjectWriter::recordRelocation(), \llvm\lib\mc\wincoffobjectwriter.cpp, line 769
llvm::MCAssembler::handleFixup(), llvm\lib\mc\mcassembler.cpp, line 852
llvm::MCAssembler::Finish(), llvm\lib\mc\mcassembler.cpp, line 932
llvm::MCObjectStreamer::FinishImpl(), llvm\lib\mc\mcobjectstreamer.cpp line 458
llvm::MCWinCOFFStreamer::FinishImpl(), llvm\lib\mc\wincoffstreamer.cpp, line 289