A Study on "Dependence capturing strength" of four Dependence Analyzers in LLVM on SPEC 2017 benchmarks


I am Adil Arun Dangui, a 3rd year B.Tech student at IIT Hyderabad with a CGPA of 9.17. I am interested in Compilers, Compiler Optimizations and excited about LLVM and Polly. I have some familiarity of LLVM structure as we studied it in the Compiler Engineering course at IITH.

Here is the link directing to our study on “Dependence capturing strength” of four Dependence Analyzers in LLVM on SPEC 2017 benchmarks. You might want to have a look at our work. Comments are welcome.

Thank you.

Hi Adil,

thank you for this analysis. For the Polly part, you seem to have used
"PolyhedralInfo", which has been the result of a GSoC project. In the
current implementation, it does not support runtime conditions. Since
checking assumptions at runtime (e.g. no aliasing, no overflow) is
required in most cases, I'd expect it to not be very successful. In
the data I looked at, there is only "0" for PolyhedralInfo.