A tiny little subset of LLVM runtime

Dear developers,

I’m working with a JIT subsystem, based on LLVM/clang, and the JIT-ted code is used in a huge MSVC application.

The results so far are promising, as LLVM is a very stable, optimized library.

However, up to now we’re restricted to a minor subset of C++, since many C++ features (like exceptions or RTTI) demand functions and classes that belong to LLVM runtime library, that’s usually not appended to the JIT-ted code used in my application.

Since I’m the JIT-ted code is hosted in an MSVC application, that (obviously) uses MSVC runtime, I’ve been considering to create a tiny little subset of LLVM runtime that would be linked to the application, to offer only what the JIT-ted code demands of it.

My questions are:

  1. do the creation of a minimal subset of LLVM runtime look feasible for you, LLVM developers and power users ?

  2. has this been tried before ?

All the best,