A very basic question

Hi there,

The following link gives the up-to-date docs of clang.

Where can I find the doc for clang 3.4 version or an earlier version ?


  • Pengcheng

Dear Pengcheng,

I don't think we keep doxygen docs for earlier versions of LLVM on the web site.

However, if you have doxygen installed on your computer, you can easily build the doxygen information from source. For LLVM, you simply go to llvm/docs and type "make doxygen." For clang, I think you go into llvm/tools/clang/docs and type "make doxygen," although I've never done it myself.

By the way, I'll be a new professor in the Rochester CS department this fall. Feel free to come by my office (when I get an office) and say hi.


John Criswell