AArch64 SME ABI implementation

I recently came across few patches in the phabricator and wanted to know if there was timeline for the release of AArch64 SME functionality[including the ABI]? @sdesmalen-arm

Hi @Shruthi3091, there is no strict timeline because patches will need to go through the standard code-review process, but we are working towards having complete support in LLVM 16.

You’ve probably seen that I put up the preliminary patches for LLVM support on handling the SME attributes related to PSTATE.SM. A few more patches will follow soon for handling PSTATE.ZA. There is also a patch on Phabricator to add these attributes to Clang, but that can only move forward once LLVM support has landed.

@sdesmalen-arm Thanks. When you mean the PSTATE.ZA patches will follow soon, will it be in next few months?
The reason for asking is, me and my team are also working on the same, and I just want to reduce the duplication effort.

I was planning to post patches for PSTATE.ZA sooner than that, more like next week or the week after.

wanted to know if there is something we could help with. we have some intrinsics that we have implemented to support lazy save.