About ELF format file generated by LLVM

Hi, all

I want to use LLVM to output a ELF object file as a library that can’t be linked into IAR/Keil project. And the ELF file should include the debug information (eg. line numbers and symbol tables) that can’t be read and processed in IAR/Keil IDE. How can I do it?

Thanks a lot.


You want an object file which is also a library(?) that cannot be linked into an IAR/Keil project, where IAR/Keil is also not able to read the debug information?

Have you considered outputting a MachO object? I’m pretty sure that would satisfy the requirement of not being able to do anything with it using ELF manipulation tools. J

Seriously though, clarification of this would be helpful, I don’t quite understand what you’re going for here, or what is meant by “object file as a library”.