About llvm's capability

Hello everybody

I am newbie in llvm and compiler, I have some questions about llvm's
capability - How large project llvm can compile now?
I mean, such as linux kernel or ggc...llvm can build it?
especially on the other architecture, ARM or alpha
because I must choice one between gcc and llvm to study.
In my long tern, I will port some other architecture to gcc or llvm.

In fact, I prefer like llvm because the code is more structure and
easy to understand than gcc.


Hi Kito,

LLVM is capable of compiling many big projects. It's used at several companies to do just that. And I think that the Linux Kernel has been compiled by someone...

So, it should be capable of compiling whatever you need it to. There may be bugs, of course. But that's going to be the same with any compiler. :slight_smile:


Yes, I have whole kernel bitcode for linux (x86 amd amd64).