About PCYNLITX project and its innovations ( for C+++ multi-threading )

Previously, I have presented my project to you. The current name of my project is PCYNLITX.

PCYNLITX platform offers completely new programming technology which can be named as Programmable Meta-Programming System and PCYNLITX platform is just a particular application of this new programming methodology.

Basically, PCYNLITX is an intelligent integrated development environment ( IDE ) which can produce an application-specific multi-threading library based on your needs and assists you in multi-thread software development process. PCYNLITX is not a multi-threading library. Instead, it is a multi-threading library generator. You can find out very comprehensive documentation about pcynlitx project from both project web site and source code repository. The addresses of the project web page and source code repository are given in below links.



The outcome of the PCYNLITX platform acts as an autonomous thread management system provides deterministic scheduling of the threads. You can control the thread with the numbers given by you and determine the relation of the threads. In other words, different from the other multi-threading tools, you can directly schedule the threads independently from the operating system.

The scientific journal of the project is under review on IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering.

Currently, the PCYNLITX platform only works on Linux based operating systems and the other versions ( Windows and McOSx ) are under development. The License of the PCYNLITX platform is GNU GPLv3 Free Software License. You can find out many other documents including scientific introduction of the project (“Technical Introduction” ), code examples and GUI tutorial form the project web sites. You can also find out a documents introducing std::thread programming, pthread programming and OpenMP programming on the web sites.

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Erkam Murat Bozkurt

M.Sc in Control Systems