about Sparcv9 assembly code

   When I tried to use llc -march=sparcv9 to compile some llvm .bc to
SparcV9, I got such error:
    llc: /llvm/lib/Target/SparcV9/SparcV9RegInfo.h:62: virtual void
llvm::TargetRegClassInfo::markColorsUsed(unsigned int, int, int,
std::vector<bool, std::allocator<bool> >&) const: Assertion
`UserRegType == RegTypeWanted && "Default method is probably incorrect
for class with multiple types."' failed.
     What does that mean? Besides I used 176.art program in spec2000. Does
anybody has the same experience? How to solve it?

The sparc backend currently has several problems with it. If you reduce a testcase, we might be able to fix it though.

To reduce a testcase, please run:

bugpoint -run-llc <your bc file>

It should detect the crash in llc, reduce it and produce some instructions. Please send the instructions and the output bytecode file and we can take a look.