About the recently added atomic

Hi all,

Looking at the header files of the recently added atomic, I see that most of them include atomic_decl.inc. This file defines a number of macros (__CLC_DECLARE_ATOMIC_ADDRSPACE and __CLC_DECLARE_ATOMIC) that are never undefined later. Maybe the should be undefined (either at the end of atomic_decl.inc itself or in the files that include them).



Yeah, I see that now... I'd prefer to undef them in atomic_decl.inc,
but there's usages of the macros in atomic_cmpxchg and atomic_xchg.cl

I'll write up a patch to undef them in the individual header files.

Also, just because I'm curious... Do you have some compiler warnings
that are pointing this out, or was it just from eyeballing the code?


I was eye balling the code.