Accessing '__attribute__((noinstrument))' during lowering

Is it possible to find whether a function has the ‘noinstrument’ attribute during Target lowering? I would like to check if this is present on a function quite late in the process when I am performing normal Target lowering and Target Frame lowering actions, but I can’t find the appropriate query in the ‘MachineFunction’ or ‘MachineFunctionInfo’ interfaces.



I imagine you can get the llvm::Function from the MachineFunction, and the attribute will be there (on the llvm::Function), but can’t say I know much about it.

Thanks David,

I have tried ‘MF.getFunction()->hasFnAttribute(Attribute::???)’, but it seems that the front-end ‘NoInstrumentFunction’ attribute is not propagated to the collection of LLVM IR attributes (no equivalent is in the ‘Attribute::AttrKind’ enum). It is not obvious that there is another mechanism, and I suspect that there is not due to the separation between FE processing and LLVM IR.

However, I think that I could add a new IR attribute to the TD file, and set it when emitting IR in the FE depending on the corresponding CLang ‘Decl’ attribute.

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Right - if the LLVM IR doesn’t have the attribute, you’d have to make whatever changes are needed to add it during Clang’s IR generation. (whether or not such changes are upstreamable - I don’t know/have any opinion on)