Accessing c++11 in class initializer AST nodes from lib clang

I am working on some code generation tools that use lib clang.
All my code is now c++11 based.
I was hoping to be able to access the class initializer nodes for member variables such as here:

class Foo
float x = 3.1415; // want to access the 3.1415 attached to the FieldDecl node for x

I can’t seem to find anything in libclang that will allow that.

I believe the C++ method in clang that I want access to is

Expr* clang::FieldDecl::getInClassInitializer | ( | | ) | const`` |

  • | - | - | - | - |

but do not see a way of getting that in libclang. Any way I can do this or is this just a limitation I cannot get around.
Thanks, -Derek