Accessing global variable values from IRBuilder

I’m trying to do something with a global variable value with IRBuilder in LLVM pass. I refer to a specific global variable contained in a source file.

GlobalVariable *VarTest =
new GlobalVariable(M, PointerType::get(Int32Ty, 0), false,
GlobalValue::ExternalLinkage, 0, “vartest”);

Then, I pass that variable to a runtime function with CreateCall.

However, I can’t seem to access any variables from the source code. I get “undefined reference to ‘vartest.5’” when attempting the pass. Why is it adding a ‘.5’ to my variable name?

How do I access a global variable from the target source?

It seems like you are creating a new global variable, you may need to look into Module->getGlobalVariable(…) function.

  • Ashutosh