[AD] UltraGDB, an alternative tool to debug GCC, GDB, LLDB, etc. on Windows and Linux

UltraGDB is a GDB GUI front-end, as well as a lightweight C/C++ IDE
based on industry standard Eclipse technology.

Visit http://www.ultragdb.com/ to learn more.

Visit https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr7F3ZZ_hgpxYXiMOA27hhw for demos.

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Compared with CDT (eclipse plugin), what's the improvements about UltraGDB?


Visit our website and watch the demos.

Simply speaking, it is all about user experience.


Is the source available? If not take this off the list - nobody wants
(spam) and unsolicited commercial offers here.

Hello Chiheng,

I tried to find the source code of this package, but I could not find
it. Do you have a URL or something you can provide?

Thank you,

Sorry, source code of UltraGDB is not available now. The source code
is actually a trimmed down, supercharged, and re-branded Eclipse CDT.
All of our technology is built on open source, and for open source. It
maybe weird for us not to provide the source code. But we are just
founded, we have no idea how to continue developing this product. In
other word, we have no business model yet. At present, we just want
to know whether or not our product is useful, if so, then we think it
is meaningful to work on it.

This product is actually a part of much bigger and more ambitious plan
that can't be disclosed right now. In the future, we may decide to
provide the source code of UltraGDB.

Any comment or suggestion on the UltraGDB product, or "development
model", or "business model" is welcomed.

Given that none of the topics suggested have direct bearing on the development of LLDB, I would suggest that they are ill-suited to this mailing list.

Kate Stone k8stone@apple.com
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Note that since you are using MI as the interface between your debugger GUI and the debugging backend (gdb) you can try using the lldb-mi layer and test performance between the GDB MI and the LLDB MI. Then you can rename your debugger to be UltraMI to keep your debugger agnostic the the backend debugger. :slight_smile:

I noticed in the youtube video that it took 40 seconds to set a breakpoint at lldb's main function and to run to the breakpoint and hit it. If you try LLDB MI, I am guessing it will be faster than 40 seconds.

Greg Clayton